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We are in full nature, in the heart of the Peruvian high Amazon jungle. 

We are a full service lodge that puts equal emphasis on indulgence as it does on the restoration of the mind, body and spirit. We believe in creating experiences centered around the natural beauty and resources unique to the high jungle, romantic cloud forest micro-climate that is Moyobamba. We use natural materials and resources to create our spaces, offer both gourmet and vegan fresh and locally-sourced food items, and an atmosphere to experience forgotten pleasures in the heart of the Amazon, where you can practice meditation, yoga, volunteer your time to help those in need, discover cacao, coffee, orchids, or native bees, and visit first nation communities who preserve the old ways of their ancestors in the modern world.


 Live an experience around various ancestral disciplines such as yoga and meditation, nurture with a natural diet based in fresh seasonal products and and feel what it causes in our body, mind and soul.




 Our intention behind Kantu has been to curate an array of modalities for improving well-being and reconnecting with oneself, in nature.



Yoga is the great discipline on which wellness revolves. Whether or not the guest is a douche in the matter, from Kantu Garden Lodge it is proposed to carry out a daily practice in order to find balance and tranquility from the first moment.

Meditation also plays an important role, as it helps keep stress under control.

Both yoga and meditation sessions are held in our Yoga Shala, a room surrounded by forest, where the sound of birds is heard.

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