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The EXPRESS DETOX RETREAT program aims to perform an express cleaning to feel better inside and out. We will make a Detox diet that will allow us to cleanse the body, improve our health,  calm our mind and recover our energy. This program based on an ayurvedic diet base on smoothies, broths, infusions and supplements is complemented with plenty of rest, yoga classes, nature walks and nature excursions.

Included services:

  • 3 nights accommodation in the room of the chosen category.

  • 3 days of full board following our  Detox diet  emphasizing cleansing our body to feel more revitalized at the end of the program. Broths, smoothies and infusions, with all organic ingredients.

  • Essential oil diffuser in the room and relaxing essence

  • 3 Yoga classes to help your body in the cleaning process and benefit from its multiple effects.

  • 60 minute ayurvedic nutrition workshop.

  • Welcome session, where you will be given the Manual to explain the procedures, schedules and guidelines to follow during the detox program. 

  • Delivery of the "detox chest" with the skin cleaning glove, tongue scraper, aromatherapy essence.

  • 60'minute massage sesion

  • Breathing and relaxation workshop 45 minutes

  • 75-minute draining Detox massage

  • Gift of an aroma diffuser

  • Renew yourself outside and inside!

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